Luxsent offers the best-in-class lighting products to the customers. The latin word, sentio , means feel in English. Combing with the latin word lux, Luxsent values the feeling of light since it is the central element in creating various mood, atmospheres, and settings in everyday life.

Following Edison's footsteps and adopting the shape of traditional incandescent bulbs, Luxsent's prouct is designed with classic look and with three main concepts: Delight, Elegant, Secure.

To guarantee secure and reliabe product for customers, we have severe supply chain management and strictly control quality during production. Together with unique heat-dispaing material and mechanical design, the heat produced by LEDs can be well managed to ensure the sable performancs and long lifetime.

With greener living nowadays, Luxsent will continuously focus on offering erengy-efficient solutions and becoming one of the major lighting companies in the world.

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