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T25 - E14S base

A lineup of four T25 light bulbs with specifications listed below each, including finish, voltage, wattage, color temperature, lumen output, color accuracy, lifetime, and dimensions.


Combined with the elegant shape of traditional bulbs and our unique light bar design, it's good-looking whether lit or not.

Internal Coating

Coated with non-faded and eco-friendly water-based material, creating colorful and even lighting output.

Outdoor Use

Completely sealed with IP65 rating and UL wet location listed. Excellent resistance to the harsh environment. Apply with the waterproof socket to ensure perfect function.


20,000 hours lifetime rated, last up to 9 years with 6 hrs/day of use. Greatly saving your maintenance and labor cost. 3 years warranty under normal outdoor usage.

Safe Design

Non-flammable and shatterproof designs ensure your safety from accidents.

Only 1 Watt    
Lower your electric bill. It only costs you around 1 dollar for 24-7-365 use. Best choice for mass installation application.

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